Burgers Of The Week

Blue-Cheese Burgers & Grilled Reuben Burgers
by: Kathy Smith

A delicious burger will only be delicious when there’s melted cheese on
its top. Any cheese burger enthusiast would definitely know that great
feeling when biting into one juicy burger containing a chunk of that
most loved cheese included inside the patty for that extra tasty flavor.

Picture out one burger containing a totally unique type of cheesy taste
and flavor compared to the regular cheese burgers, at the same time
absolutely delicious as well.

Here are 2 recipes that will teach you to transform plain tasting
burgers to absolutely distinct delicious flavored burgers using some
blue-cheese or ‘Swiss cheese’ that is mixed inside the patty.

Blue-Cheese Burgers

Using one medium-sized bowl, with one and a half pound of beef that has
been ground, shape them into four inches long & about one-fourth
inch thick, this should make about eight patties. Then lay your patties
onto a very large ‘frying pan’ or using a very large ‘aluminum foil’.

In one bowl, blend half cup sharp-cheddar cheese that has been
shredded, one-fourth cup blue-cheese that has been crumbled, one-fourth
cup parsley that has been chopped very finely, two teaspoonfuls of
‘Dijon mustard’, one teaspoonful of ‘Worcestershire sauce’, one garlic
clove and one-fourth teaspoon salt. Slowly toss the ingredients
together till completely blended.

Get four burger ‘patties’ then mound three tablespoonfuls of that
cheese-mixture atop your patty. Place the rest of your four patties
unto the bottom burger’s top then pinch your patty’s edges completely
till the rest of your ingredients are sealed in. Then store for later.

Get one medium-sized red bell-pepper then cut into strips thinly.

Using one large frying pan, heat approximately two teaspoonfuls of
‘olive oil’ over very high-heat till smoky hot. Include your sliced
peppers, while constantly stirring, or till edges of your sliced
peppers turn brown. Add in some salt to the frying pan. Remove the
sliced peppers from your frying pan.

Using the same frying pan, cook your ‘burger patties’ on medium-high
heat in about five minutes. Then turn your ‘patties’ over and top with
the sliced peppers. Then cook for about four minutes extra to achieve
preferred doneness.

‘Grilled Reuben’ Burgers

Using one large mixing bowl, blend in one envelope onion-soup mix, half
a cup water, one and a half pound of beef that has been grounded up,
half cup Swiss-cheese that’s been shredded, one tablespoonful of
crumbled and cooked ’till crisp bacon. You can add an optional half a
teaspoonful of ‘caraway seeds’. Shape them to six individual patties.
Broil or grill burgers till done. Then top using some heated
sauerkraut and sprinkle bacon.

Have fun making these delicious cheesy burger surprises. For sure your
family will have fun eating these great tasting burgers. Enjoy!

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